Cross The Road

Cross the road

Big mistake, I didn’t finish my blog before returning home. As soon as I was back in Singapore, daily life and post holiday blues crashed over me. My writing mojo was left a thousand miles away. Every time I sat down to write, I ended up ranting about Singapore, not constructive. This is my fifth rewrite, so sorry for the delay.


One thought on “Cross The Road

  1. Dear Edward,

    Great to read the concluding episode of your blog and to hear your thoughts as you ended the long trip. The traffic in Hanoi looks crazy and I’m glad you all survived it!

    I hope you feel you’ve had a holiday between the various challenges you had to face and I hope too that you will ultimately be able to publish the whole saga with all the stunning photos. It will make an amazing story and one which I think the boys should read and reflect on when they are older.

    It was lovely to see the photo of the boys outside your house and ready for school and good to see them both looking happy. I wonder what they have told their respective teachers about their adventures?!

    Hope the bites have now healed and look forward to catching up with you and Sara when you have time to call.

    Love from us both Clive & Jocelyn x



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